Petrol sign

Saw this petrol sign on the way back to Cairns. I was struck by the foolishness of its design. What happens when Unleaded goes above $.999 per liter? Or can it?

Petrol sign

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1. On 8 Aug 2007, dan wrote:

Er… If I read this correctly, it’s at $1.02 per litre in the photo, so it’d have to go above $9.99 to outgrow the design.

2. On 8 Aug 2007, Doug wrote:

Hey Dan — You may have missed the “Unleaded” portion of my comment. There’s no way to fit an extra number on that line (or the “Auto Gas” line, for that matter).

And technically, no other number other than “1” would fit on the Diesel line anyway right now. So as soon as diesel goes over 1.99, they’ll have to get a new sign, or hack it again (maybe putting “Die” on one line, and “sel” on the next…

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