Photo primarily taken for Mother, who asked if I had my feet propped up on the desk yet.


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1. On 3 Mar 2005, Natalie wrote:

Love those shoes.

2. On 4 Mar 2005, Nick Cawthon wrote:

A well-deserved kickback.

3. On 12 Mar 2005, Andrew wrote:

Love the ikea sorter

4. On 15 Mar 2005, Jeroen Visser wrote:

Hi Doug,

I’m sure you’ll have a great time in your new office, despite the goodbye to Adaptive Path. Coincidence strikes, as I myself am currently preoccupied with all the organizational hassle of moving into an office space of my own…
When everything is in place, I’m sure I’ll try the feet-on-the-desk myself. :-)

Plans for an opening party yet? ;)

5. On 24 Mar 2005, Danne wrote:

“This relaxing moment brought to you by Aquafina…”

Congrats on the new digs.

6. On 17 Oct 2005, Rasterbator wrote:

Blatant product placement! Did you get a call from the diet Coke people yet? ;-)

7. On 25 Jan 2006, Mary wrote:

Great photos, I had hoped to see more of Australia.

Will have another look sometime

Regards from Down Under Adelaide Australia.


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