Cutler Mailing System

Our building has one of those cool mail chutes by the elevator. This is the top of the chute — from here, it’s 20 floors down to the collection bin at the bottom. I tested it for the first time yesterday. With so many possible points of failure, wasn’t sure if it would get stuck somewhere along the way.

Cutler Mailing System

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1. On 4 Mar 2005, David Yeiser wrote:

We have one of these in our office as well. I’m always weary of droping my credit card payment down the chute, but then I realize that even if it gets stuck it’s still a lesser hassle than to have to go all the way down to the basement!

2. On 4 Mar 2005, Justin Perkins wrote:

Cool! I have the same exact one in my building too, the California Fruit Building in Sacramento. Ours is only 10 floors though. And yes, I am skeptical of using it. I have seen a letter jammed on my floor before, but it eventually went down.

3. On 7 Mar 2005, Olly wrote:

Is it cushioned at all? Would you trust it with a CD in a padded envelope?

4. On 7 Mar 2005, Doug wrote:

I don’t believe it’s cushioned. And no, I’d never drop anything down 20 floors that could possibly break.

As an update, I just found out last week that the USPS is no longer picking up mail from our collection bin at the bottom, so we’re not supposed to use the mail chute anymore. Would have helped had they let me know about that in advance — or at least somehow closed off the slots on each floor.

5. On 9 Mar 2005, jason wrote:

I found out the same thing after dropping a letter in chute when Blogger was down in Hobart.

That was two years ago…

6. On 9 Mar 2005, Justin Perkins wrote:

The one in my building still works great, it’s got a nice little pickup box on the first floor with an old school USPS lock on it. And no, I wouldn’t drop a CD in there, the slot to drop the mail in is no thicker than a few envelopes. The whole tube is clear glass, so anything that may get stuck is easily visible and would hardly go unnoticed.

7. On 12 Mar 2005, BECKY BOWMAN wrote:

Congratulations on your new office!! Uncle Dave would have loved it!! We had one of these chutes in our office on South High Street.
Aunt Becky

8. On 29 Dec 2005, William Forbes wrote:

There are several Cutler Mail Chutes at the
Empress Hotel in Victoria, BC. The older
ones read, “Royal Mail Canada” (now Canada
Post) It has the Canada coat-of-arms on them,really sharp and the brass is kept nicely

9. On 7 Feb 2006, Dan Lasher wrote:

The USPS will continue to pick up from mail chute as long as the local postmaster will allow. If they are not picking mail up from the mail chute drop box, you may request it from the Postmaster. If you need assistance let me know.

The Local site often has about two inches of padding in the bottom, although I still would not suggest dropping a CD down the chute. It usually will not fit in the mail slot anyhow.

I am currently searching for replacement parts to prevent these units from becoming obsolete. Should anyone know of a source, please let me know. I would like to be able to provide the information to all that need it.

Should anyone know of a building that has a mail chute system and they are removing either the mail chute or the building, also, please let me know.

[email protected]

10. On 30 Mar 2006, SNWEB.ORG wrote:

Nice pic. I have that chute from that photo sitting in my room. It was once in the abandoned Broderick Tower, but i saved it, and restored it

11. On 27 Jun 2006, Michelle Eckman wrote:

I too have a chute in an old office building in Philadelphia, PA that we are trying to rehab, if anyone has any information on how I can obtain parts please advise.
Thanks so much

12. On 1 Jul 2006, Dale wrote:

We have those in the Wisconsin State Capitol, though I’m not sure if they’re from the same company. I’ll have to try to remember to take some photos of them.

13. On 1 Aug 2006, Sandy Insalaco Jr. wrote:

In the process of renovating a bank building in Pittston, PA. The building dates back tothe early 1900’s and has this same Cutler Chute. It drops to an all brass mail box on the bottom floor. We will probably refinish the unit for future use.

14. On 1 Oct 2006, Maria wrote:

I have the brass letter box and other pieces that go with it it was made for the YMCA do they have any value to them its dated from 1900 thanks for any information or leads

15. On 29 Dec 2006, Russ Goforth wrote:

I have a Cutler Mail Receiving Box similar to the one shown on the National Postal Musuem website. However ours is in better condition and has much more intricate carvings. Can anyone tell me it’s potential worth? Email me and I will provide pic’s and history.

16. On 3 Jan 2007, MELODY wrote:

I’m an architect renovating a historic building in Des Moines, Iowa that originally had a Cutler chute and a receiving box in the lobby. The original chute is still there but the box, sadly, is not. If anyone would be willing to part with their mail box, I’d be very interested in obtaining it.

17. On 5 Jan 2007, G Pardo wrote:

The building I manage has a cutler chute but we cannot find the key to open the doors to access if the mail gets stuck. If there is anyone out there who might be able to steer me in the right direction on how to obtain a key I would be very much appreciated. Email me at [email protected].

Thank You

18. On 24 Jan 2007, P.J. Specialty Co. wrote:

I have worked on many Cutler mail chutes. The one showned Has been around for a long time and as long as it is maintained and the interior parts and glass is clean the chute is good for another 100 years. their is a cushion in the lobby collection box in all the chutes. Replacement parts are hard to find so keep the chute in good condition.

19. On 23 Feb 2007, Adrien wrote:

I just wrote an entry that included pictures of a Cutler mail shoot! It’s in the Union League Club in Chicago.

20. On 8 Mar 2007, rick wrote:

I have a very nice and clean 5 foot section of a Cutler Mail Chute with a nice US Eagle carving, patened April, 28 1903.

Looking to sell.


21. On 19 Apr 2007, Jessica wrote:

We have that one in our building as well. The outgoing mail box has a padlock on it. Does anyone know how to get a key for it?

22. On 19 Apr 2007, Jessica wrote:

This goes with the above comment. Please contact me at [email protected]

23. On 27 Jun 2007, Robert wrote:

Looking to purchase a Cutler Box for use at Boy Scout Camp Cutler which was named in memory of the inventors of the Chute (585)-530-3265

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