Window lettering

Picked up and applied the window lettering today. Very simple to apply. Printed by FastSigns, an international sign company with franchises in six countries.

Window lettering

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1. On 9 Mar 2005, AdamStac wrote:

You must feel really good at this point…good for you Doug!

2. On 11 Mar 2005, lisa wrote:


3. On 14 Mar 2005, Matt wrote:

Congratulations! And thanks for posting these photos. They’re exciting and inspiring to this young designer.

4. On 14 Mar 2005, Arman Choobineh wrote:

Office number 2005 - coincidence?

I wish I had a door like that. What font is that?

5. On 17 Mar 2005, kmccaul wrote:

Hope it’s scratch-proof

6. On 3 Apr 2005, Am Sagarwala wrote:

Wow, it must feel great to have such an office space. Great job setting it up! Someday, I’ll get there too. First, I have to finish up university…

7. On 7 Apr 2005, patatomic wrote:

Congratulations! I miss working on Market St. (I worked at Cafe Venue for 5 years…stop on by and say hi to my man behind the counter, Jose and get a spinach salad).

The “2005” font is Century Ex. (boy do I LOVE the numbers of Century). I have no idea what “stop design” font is.

8. On 24 Aug 2005, Dave Simon wrote:

The Stop Design font is a customized version of Erik Spiekermann’s FF Meta.

Correct me if I’m wrong, Doug.

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