The Cow - Open

How often do you find a restaurant named The Cow?

The Cow - Open

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1. On 10 Oct 2005, Jeff Home wrote:

The Cow is a wonderful restaurant hidden in the back streets of Queenstown. Local stories tell of it being an old milk shed, and it’s location on Cow Lane seems to add some support to this. An alternative story has the name referring to Queen Victoria.

This woodsmoke-filled discovery encourages you to mix with strangers as you sit shoulder-to-shoulder at large tables in the moody candle-light surroundings. Mostly pizzas (some fine flat garlic bread) and a fine selection of New Zealand bottled beers and wines, the serving portions are definately on a large side. Great value for money as well.

In winter (especially during the ski season) there is always a massive roaring open fire available to crowd around and get hypnotised by.

This is the kind of place that tourists never find (or if they do, they never find again). Ask some of the locals where it is… and enjoy one of the finest bits of “kiwi-ana” remaining in Queenstown.

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