Intersting sign

For all the care that went into designing this sign, I still can’t decipher any meaning out of it.

Intersting sign

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1. On 25 Aug 2005, Vladimir wrote:

Um, Alien Invasion here?

2. On 26 Aug 2005, jedaffra wrote:

How about “keep your family together”?

3. On 29 Aug 2005, Chris wrote:

Looks like a “meeting place”

4. On 1 Sep 2005, Paul Kaye wrote:

Muster Station!

I first came across this sign on the cross-channel ferries from England to France when a kid.

More about it closer to your home here.

Looks like the site could do with some of your CSS help, too…

Your site is one of the most attractive I’ve seen on the web - great inspiration for a beginner like me. Thanks for the templates!

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