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1. On 25 Aug 2005, Grant Palin wrote:

How neat. I live in Victoria, BC, and the Tall Ship Festival was here as well. I had the fortune to be able to watch some of the tall ships enter the inner harbour, including the two biggest ones. Very impressive. I was able to board CuauhtĂ©moc the next day, and it was very neat. But the lineup for Pallada was HUGE - I wasn’t going to be waiting in that line. But I did get some nice photos. Here’s a link to my tall ships photo gallery: link.

2. On 4 Nov 2005, ralph wrote:

nice website and photo’s

3. On 17 Nov 2005, Luis dos Santos wrote:

Very nice shot

4. On 29 Nov 2005, Michael Yevdokimov wrote:

I like this stuff.. but I love it much more when I see people doing something with all this stuff.. ;) 2 years ago I was taking pics of DelfSail 2003, check my portfolio if you are interested. :)

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