View down Market Street

From one of the middle windows. The Palace Hotel is the 8-story squared-off donut-shaped building on the left side of Market St.

View down Market Street

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1. On 14 Mar 2005, Paul J. Martinez wrote:

Great views! I’m jealous.

2. On 15 Apr 2005, aj wrote:

I think that’s the Paladin, not the Palace — it has an Old Navy on the Market Street side, right? I stayed there a couple of years ago. Nice hotel, if incredibly overpriced ($50 for burnt bacon at breakfast? bah!)

3. On 15 Apr 2005, doug wrote:

aj — no, the building in close view in this shot is actually the Palace Hotel. You’re thinking of the Palomar Hotel, which is a couple blocks further down Market Street. (The Palomar is kind of visible in this shot, but it’s much further in the distance.)

And yes, the building the Palomar is also the same building that hosts the Old Navy flagship store.

4. On 31 Aug 2005, david louie wrote:

nice shot - i heart sf

5. On 5 Nov 2005, Joni Mueller wrote:

Great view! How on earth do you get anything done, Douglas? That view would compete with whatever it is on my desk that needs doing!

6. On 26 Nov 2005, neon wrote:

nice view

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