Freshly painted

The right wall, as seen from the windows. The office door is just off-frame to the right. Blue masking tape still in place.

Freshly painted

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1. On 5 Mar 2005, lisa wrote:

Nice paint job! Red’s a tough color to get on smoothly and evenly.

I wouldn’t have guessed red for your physical space, though. Your virtual spaces have so many clear blues and greens in them, so I think I expected to see more of the same. Funny, huh?

2. On 5 Mar 2005, Doug wrote:

I think that’s why I ended up going with the red — to contrast with my normal tendencies. I was originally looking at a dark muted blue, but I wanted something that inspired a little more energy.

3. On 30 Mar 2005, kevin wrote:

wow, what type specific paint and color is that? it looks great!


4. On 6 Feb 2006, Andy wrote:

Very nice :)

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