Space Mountain

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Space Mountain

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1. On 17 Oct 2005, Carolyn S. wrote:

What can I say about Space Mountain…? Well, for one thing it sounds scary (roller coaster in the dark…)but really, it’s nothing to worry about. You can faintly see the track so it’s got just enough of that air of mystery but not too much. Great for younger kids (7-9)who want thrills but aren’t tall enough for the real daring rides. Wonderful, classic, exciting— love it!

2. On 2 Mar 2006, Chas Devlin wrote:

Still the best for me… my first visit to Disneyworld was around ‘79 - ‘80 and Tommorowland was my favorite section. To a 14-year old like myself, the imposing Space Mountain was unbelievable!

The lines were insanely long (it had probably just opened) and back then, riders lining up were treated to gorgeous window displays of futuristic, 70’s styled graphics: all kinds of sci-fi consoles and mock labs etc.

The ride was over in 2 minutes, which made you wanna line up for 2 hours all over again.

As you stepped off, the exitway had gentle people movers (as found in most airports) showcasing homes of the future — sponsored by RCA/Victor (I think). Big TV screens (!) Just incredible stuff…

And to top if off, you could look up (as everyone did) at the overhead monitors and see yourself on TV, pointing, mouthing, “Oh my God, that’s us!”.

I miss it :(

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