IMAX theater?

At least I think that’s what I remember this structure being, with a restarant attached, obviously.

IMAX theater?

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1. On 3 Jul 2005, Andreas Graulund wrote:

It is indeed an IMAX theater as far as I remember, but I think they only show their own movies. Mostly documentaries.

2. On 31 Aug 2005, Adam Sj√łgren wrote:

It is a planetarium; they also show IMAX movies there, yes.

3. On 19 Sep 2005, Sjefke van der Jacht wrote:

I saw the IMAX special on the doomed Everest Expedition of 1997. It was just after I had read Jon Krakauer’s “Into Thin Air.” Very powerful experience. The Astonomical display after the movie was fantastic. It really looked like we were outside on a very clear night.

4. On 24 Sep 2005, Andreas wrote:

It is the Tycho Brahe planetarium, well worth a visit for IMAX fans.

5. On 2 Mar 2007, Andrew Hoeveler wrote:

Anyone know the story of how Tycho Brahe cut off his nose in a duel and replaced it with a silver one?

Crazy Danish…

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