I had no idea what this was, but the bright-colored signage and storefront caught my attention in at least 2 parts of the city.


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1. On 20 Jun 2005, Adam Liptrot wrote:

That’s a toy shop - BR Toys is the largest high street toy store in Denmark, Sweden and Norway, apparantly.

2. On 21 Jun 2005, Martin wrote:

And yes, this sign or logo surely catches kids attention, like everytime I walk by with my son :)

3. On 3 Jul 2005, Andreas Graulund wrote:

Its full name in Denmark is “Cousin BR”. It is surely a toy store, it is all over Denmark.

4. On 19 Dec 2005, Rasmus wrote:

Most grown-ups hate that store, because when the kids sees the ogly face, they can’t think of anything else than getting in there.

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