I wish I could remember what and where this was. From it’s relative location in my sequence of photos, I’m guessing it’s somewhere around The Rocks.


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1. On 18 Jan 2005, Brett Jackson wrote:

The building is the ASN GALLERY.
It’s address is 3 Hickson Rd, the Rocks, Sydney

The ASN Gallery is the old Australasian Steam Navigation Company Building. It is now a exhibition space in The Rocks.

From the Harbour Foreshore website:
“This fine old warehouse building designed by William Wardell, architect of St Mary’s Cathedral, was built in 1885. The venue is a large open space with three distinct bays, featuring rustic timber columns throughout the floor areas. There are large timber loading dock doors and timber windows that can be opened to provide natural light and ventilation.”

2. On 14 Aug 2005, Robert Lemieux wrote:

I took a Photograph of the same building. I’m not sure but I think it is in Sydney

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