Bully’s Cafe De Wheels

Charming, in a Townsville kind of way, even though it was obviously closed for the season (or maybe permanently — couldn’t tell).

Bully's Cafe De Wheels

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1. On 29 Jun 2006, winfield wrote:

this van was built by my husband and we ran it for several years before it was taken over by a corporate bully and we had to leave. It opens at night as it’s owned by the nightclub next door, Bullwinkles Cabaret and Bar. We had the best hotdogs in town, but I hear they are now quite ordinary.

2. On 15 Dec 2006, customer wrote:

you are an idiot… these hotdogs are WAY better than the dogs you can buy at places like “the cri” a club further down the strip… and it is also staffed by a very nice young man… although closed by day (when this pic was obviously taken) it is open of a night… so instead of “hearing” the dogs are “quite ordinary” why not go down and TRY SOME!!!

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