Real World?

Someone thought this was where The Real World, Austin was filmed.

Real World?

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1. On 18 Mar 2005, Scott Johnson wrote:

The show is currently being filmed, and this is the house where the cast is living while they’re in town. This has been unofficially confirmed by many sources, and the camera crews have been spotted all around the house.

2. On 18 Mar 2005, Brian wrote:

That appears to be the common thought. All the “No trespassing” signs and the way it looks like a restaurant/bar yet has no front door all seem suspicious. Plus some cops stopped me from even walking down that street on Saturday.

3. On 18 Mar 2005, typeweight wrote:

That’s what it is, for sure. There was even a banner hanging from the balcony of the nearby Hampton Inn that said something like, “Welcome Real World Austin cast and crew.”

4. On 30 Mar 2005, Taylor wrote:

I can also confirm this. I was walking back to the Hampton Tuesday night from the bars around 2am and saw the cast walking into the house with a swarm of cameras around them. Didn’t seem very real at all :P

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