Night view III

With more of Market Street in view, and a 1-second exposure, the ambient light is much brighter.

Night view III

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1. On 4 Mar 2005, Ben Spicer wrote:

The new office looks fantastic, congrats.

Try not to look out of the window all day long!

Ben S

2. On 4 Mar 2005, b wrote:

Absolutely beautiful. I’m quite envious, and congrats to be sure.

3. On 4 Mar 2005, Josh wrote:

Great office space! Envious as well, but nice Mac :)

4. On 4 Mar 2005, HB wrote:

Real nice office.. I stare at a brick wall all day.

5. On 4 Mar 2005, jheyer wrote:

Awesome place to do your daily business. Looks like you found a sweet spot. Enjoy it!

6. On 4 Mar 2005, Hector wrote:

Great space, great view, great color! Congrats!

7. On 26 Oct 2005, Darkzule wrote:

Great Picture!! love the colors.

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