Wellington Central Library

The library contained Wellington’s City Gallery. I took a detour through two of the exhibits on display while I was there: Austrian architect Ernst Plischke who moved to New Zealand to escape the Nazis in the 1930’s, and Ronnie van Hout, an interesting artist with lots of irreverence and scepticism.

Wellington Central Library

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1. On 21 Jan 2005, Justin Bell wrote:

I’m pretty sure the gallery isn’t part of the library. The just got the old building.

I created a panorama of Civic Square with photo-stitching software a while ago. It gives you a good idea where several of the other photos are.

To the very left is the town hall, then a couple of other council buildings. The library on the center-right, and the gallery on the right.

Behind is the funny pyramid. Futher back are the symbols and wood carvings on the bridge.

The tall building with the “crown” in the background is the Majestic Centre, which is opposite the cathedral.

Oh yeah. And floating magically (via thin cables) in the center of the photo is not a UFO or disco ball being dropped from a helicopter, but a giant metal-lace ball of Silver Fern fronds. It lights-up at night.

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