Order of jump

The music is blaring so loud behind you, you can barely understand what these thickly-accented Kiwis are telling you. Going though the list of names to determine the order of jump… "Alright, Bowman, you’re first! Step on up!" Gulp.

Order of jump

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1. On 18 Jan 2005, Will Bolton wrote:

First up? That means you were the heaviest in your group, right? ;)

I did the Nevis bungee myself in January 2003. I think I hid the fear as well as you did…right up until the point where I had to shuffle my way out onto the plank. That’s when the fear really grips you.

‘twas an awesome adrenalin rush though. Great fun.

2. On 6 Feb 2005, Lee wrote:

I was first out too. And this was my first ever bungie jump, I figured I might as well do the biggest if I was going to do one!

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