A hole in the wall (literally) burger joint off Cow Lane. You’d never find this place unless you ventured off the main drags in Queenstown, as it doesn’t even face Cow Lane, so it’s not visible from one of the main streets just 100 meters away. Huge burgers, and several vegetarian options as well.


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1. On 11 May 2005, Tom wrote:

These burgers would have to be the best burgers not only in NZ but also Australia if not the world. If you go to Queenstown and do not have a ‘ferg’ then you have definately missed out!

2. On 16 May 2005, Ben Legend wrote:

I would go back to Queenstown again just to have another Fergburger. These burgers are massive and well worth the effort to get one. It is true what people say; you have not fully experienced Queenstown without trying a “Big Al”.

3. On 24 May 2005, susie forde wrote:

i was in queenstown for two months gained about a stone in weight damn you fergburger it was a love hate relationship

4. On 12 Jul 2005, Bianca Paton wrote:

We were in NZ in Jan and we still wax lyrical about the Ferg burger - the BEST burger in the world. There is no way you will ever beat the Ferg Burger!

5. On 8 Sep 2005, Chris and Amanda Baines wrote:

Fergburger is the dogs bollocks!!! The best burger you will ever eat. If Elvis were alive - he would eat Fergburger’s. Travelled to Queenstown for 5 days and had three ferg’s while there. would travel to NZ and Queenstown again just to eat ferg;s. An absolute must on any trip to Queenstown. spoke to the owner and he is planning to expand too!!! I’ll open a franchise in the UK for him - just get in touch ferg!!!!

6. On 23 Nov 2005, Joel wrote:

Beware that Ferg has sold out, or rather moved out, and is now in flash new premises on Shotover Street. But the burgers remain as good as ever, and there’s still a window for those afterhours takeaways. Nothing’s quite the same as Cow Lane, though.

7. On 10 Jul 2006, Sim wrote:

Fergburger is amazing worth another trip from England just to tast them again!!!!

8. On 16 Jul 2006, Stephanie and Claude wrote:

we were in nz about six months ago all the way from Malta (Europs) and we are still talking about the burgers…any chance of expanding any time soon all the way to Europe?

9. On 4 Aug 2006, Juliette wrote:

It’s been almost a year since my NZ trip. Fergburger was on the agenda. Was it worth the long trek from New York City? Without a doubt! The staff was very down to earth. Half of my meals were fergburgers. They’d make a killing in the Big Apple…hey! There’s an idea! God bless Fergburger! I will return!!!!

10. On 4 Aug 2006, BOoOoOoOoOoOote wrote:

It was a crisp evening in the deep south of New Zealand aka queesnstown, my stomach was beckoning for something decadent. It was at this point i seen “the light” and there it was in all its glory. It was without a doubt one of the greatest moments in my life as a man. I was overwhelmed with a sense of elation! I had found it at last, the meaning of life! FERGBURGER

11. On 5 Aug 2006, JimboOo wrote:

Following on from the excerpt left by your correspondant “BOoOoOoOoOoOote” on 4th August 2006, i would like to describe in euphoric detail the sheer superiority of the burger I had the privilage of dining on.
Firstly, may i detail the equisite fineness of the bun used to clothe the goodness within. Surely a monumental combination of powdered wheaten, yeast and water in itself, it however pales in comparison to the round human-formed piece of bovine soft tissue, aka meat, encased within. With not a single contravening nueron inside my grey matter, it was and still remains the most glorious patty borne witness to by this man.
To begin to oulandishly describe the magnitude and freshness of the garden vegetables in a matter worthy to their brilliance is simply beyond me. The plumpness, luminosicity and texture is staggeringly revalationary within the express food industry.
My experience of ferg burger has changed and fashioned my pittiful existance into something that now resembles life. Long live the memory of Ferg, and his much celebrated burger.

12. On 1 Sep 2006, Walt wrote:

I would agree with all of the above statements. I arrived with a backpack in Aukland, way up on the North Island. Immediately I was told of this legendary burger down on the south island. Luckily, I was able to hunt it down and enjoyed one of earth’s greatest pleasures. A Big Al at 3:15am. Almost a kilo of juicy, dripping delight!

13. On 7 Sep 2006, Joaquin wrote:

Nothing better than fergburger. Cockadoodle oink all the way :) Glad you visited the place!!!

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