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1. On 17 Jun 2005, Martin Sweeney wrote:

This is the Marble Arch.

“The Marble Arch was designed by John Nash in 1828. Built of white Carrara marble, the design was taken from the triumphal arch of Constantine in Rome. It was erected to form a grand gateway to Buckingham Palace. When Queen Victoria and Prince Albert decided to enlarge the palace in 1851, room was made for the extension by removing the vast arch, which then became an entrance to Hyde Park.”

2. On 5 Sep 2005, nicoleta wrote:

This is a nice idea!
You should give the name of each building and some history behind it.
Excellent. Thank you.

3. On 29 Mar 2007, Josh wrote:

These are some pretty phenomenal photos for a PowerShot. You must be one heck of a photographer.

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