Tree and towers

A six-story Christmas tree set up near the Hong Kong WinterFest. The tallest building in Hong Kong (don’t remember how tall) stands in the background on the right. Note all the round porthole windows of the middle building.

Tree and towers

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1. On 18 Jan 2005, James Wheare wrote:

That’s the IFC 2 building which stands at 1,362ft with 88 floors (chinese lucky number.) The porthole building is Jardine House, known affectionately by the locals as “The Smokers Lung.”

2. On 18 Jan 2005, Lars Holst wrote:

The IFC 2 building was under construction the last time I was in Hong Kong, in May 2002 I think.

It was already blocking the once so great view from Noodle +, which had been one of my favourite noodle restaurants. Two years earlier when it had just opened we had to wait in two different sets of lines to get a table. But the space-station interiors, the enormous amounts of natural light, and that awesome view made it worth the wait. And the noodles were fantastic.

Now there were exactly seven people spread out across an artifically lighted and worn-looking dining hall. It took me a while to realize that it was the same place, only the view was not there anymore. It was a shadow of its former self. I never returned.

And it struck me that this must be a common fate for Hong Kong businesses and homes: suddenly losing that million dollar view for another high-rise that wasn’t there yesterday. But I guess that this is the city in a nutshell: busy, bustling, always evolving.

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