Mormon Temple, Brisbane

I’m not Mormon, nor do I have any affiliation with them. But I’m always intrigued by the sterile design of their temples. At least I always know which direction Salt Lake City is whenever I see one. Whew!

Mormon Temple, Brisbane

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1. On 3 Sep 2005, Damien Rose wrote:

i take it you’re speaking of which way the angel moroni is pointing his trumpet (in relation to knowing which was Salt Lake is??) Im afraid you’re incorrect. The Angel Moroni always faces East - taken from the Biblical temples such as Solomon’s temple. Gods temples always face East.

2. On 23 Jan 2006, king_nothing wrote:

sterile mormon design? have you seen the tabernacle in temple square in salt lake?? i couldnt think of anything less sterile, and thats the pinnacle of mormon architecture…just a thought..

3. On 21 Feb 2006, G.Beard wrote:

Great picture I like that you can see the flowers and the fountain and the plaque in the front, Beautiful angle, nice job. Check out the LDS San Diago Temple in California you’ll like that one if you are into the architecture of the buildings

4. On 1 May 2006, Jim B wrote:

are there any mormon temples that DO NOT have the angle moroni statue atop the roof? and do they always fact the east…if so do they face east on the temples on the other side of the world.

5. On 10 May 2006, Tim J wrote:

Check out this good article that answers your question about moroni on all temples. As for facing east, Moroni always faces East, symbolic of the anticipated second coming of Christ, which Jesus compared to the dawning in the East of a new day (Matt. 24:27). They face East from each Temple’s perspective wherever they happen to be in the world.

6. On 28 May 2006, J Nicholl wrote:

Glorious photo. you should take more of that beautiful building, it is the icing of your album.

7. On 20 Jun 2006, j wrote:

There areTemples where the Angel doesn’t face east. Unlike most temples, the Seattle Washington Temple, Nauvoo Illinois Temple, and Taipei Taiwan Temple all have angel Moroni statues facing west.
The Manhattan New York Temple has an angel Moroni statue facing southwest, which also happens to be in the direction of Ground Zero.
There are a few Temples that don’t have the Angel on them. I know off hand the Mesa, AZ doesn’t.

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