Hill Inlet

Looking back into Hill Inlet, I was really struck by the massive yet graceful color blends and shapes. The small dot in the lower center portion of the photo is a rather large yacht, to give you a sense of scale.

Hill Inlet

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1. On 18 Jan 2005, Andreika wrote:

Great shot!

2. On 26 Jan 2005, dodo wrote:

Very good picture! Maybe just enhance a little bit contrast and decrease luminosity… just to suppress the “white” effect on the top.

Congratulations for css design!

3. On 25 Aug 2005, Michael Heilemann wrote:

I love this. It could do with some more saturation perhaps, but that’s nickpicking really.

Where was this taken?

4. On 25 Aug 2005, Douglas Bowman wrote:

Michael: Specifically, it was taken from the small sea plane as we flew over Hill Inlet approaching Whitehaven Beach, part of the Whitsunday Islands off the coast of Queensland, Australia.

I think the low saturation you mention is the result of taking the photo through the sea plane’s rather dirty windows. In fact, you can see what I think is the reflection of my arm in the upper right hand corner of the photo where a strange diagonal portion of the island is darker than the rest. ;-)

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