Conservatorium of Music

The back side of the Conservatorium, housed in a castle-like fortress. The Opera House is poking up in the distance.

Conservatorium of Music

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1. On 19 Jan 2005, David Mackay wrote:

Believe it or not, this building used to be the Government House stables! Most of the Conservatorium is now in a new development, largely underground - you were standing on some of it to take this photo!

2. On 19 Jan 2005, Douglas Bowman wrote:

Heh. Interesting. I think I remember reading about the stables somewhere, now that you mention it.

And yes, I remember looking down at some skylights below me that opened up to a whole structure underneath.

3. On 27 Jan 2005, Caitlin Rowley wrote:

The Con was recently entirely refurbished(which was when they built the underground bits). During the work, they found a heap of convict artifacts, as well as some early-settlement drains and so on. A lot of the artifacts are on display in the foyer areas of the Con now, and they have carefully preserved the immovable stuff under glass flooring so that as you walk through, you can see the excavations beneath you. Really very interesting - so it’s worth venturing inside!

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