Australian emblem

Something rather official looking, and probably of which I should be more ashamed that I don’t know what it is or represents.

Australian emblem

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1. On 18 Jan 2005, theBag wrote:

Its the Australian Coat of Arms.

Commonly found on an Australian Rugby Jersey. However here is the history behind it.

King George V granted the current Coat of Arms in 1912. At the time of Federation in 1901, the six self-governing states of Australia united to form the Commonwealth. The current coat of arms contains references to those six states. The shield, held by a Kangaroo and an Emu, contains; a Piping Shrike or Magpie for South Australia, the Black Swan for Western Australia, a Maltese Cross and crown for Queensland, a Lion for Tasmania, the Southern Cross for Victoria and the lion and stars representing New South Wales.

2. On 21 Jan 2005, Brett wrote:

When I was in Australia I recall the tour guide saying that the reason the crest has a kangaroo and an emu around it is because they are two animals that cannot walk backwards; symbolizing that Australia can only make progress.

3. On 5 Feb 2006, amie wrote:

I find the various stories regarding our emblem to be facinating. I was laboring under the false impression that the seven pointed star above the crest and flora/ fauna was added at a later date in order to represent the states and territories as one. Any comments?

4. On 8 Aug 2006, Sami wrote:

I’m not sure about the star itself being added at a later date but I know the seventh point which represents both territories was added at a later date. Perhaps thats what you were thinking of?

5. On 20 Aug 2006, michael wrote:

overall the australian emblem is a wonderful feature. its amazing 2 see how creative people can get with emblems .people who designed this emblem are really creative on my behalf i really admire it and i think that its wonderful.

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